About IMPM

Our History

For over 40 years, IMPM has been at the forefront of prototyping.? From our start as a pattern shop to our evolution as a full service prototyping shop, IMPM has strived for continuous improvement.? Three generations of innovation have made us stand out in the industry.? From Louis Sr. starting a pattern shop focused on the highest quality and Louis Jr.’s awareness of an evolving industry, to Jared perfecting the prototyping systems used by shops today, you can be sure that IMPM is guaranteeing its dedication to quality.? Everyone at IMPM understands the importance of detail necessary to uphold the reputation we’ve earned, and will not fault in maintaining it.? From your idea to a finished production part, we are your resource.? Let IMPM set the standard for you.

Our Philosophy
Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold has been in continuous service for over 40 years and has always been family owned and operated. Our experience and knowledge of this industry has made us leaders in our field. I understand the importance of paying attention to details to ensure customer satisfaction. As a small, family-run shop, we have the ability to structure ourselves around our customer’s project. It is not uncommon for us to work through the night and on weekends to ensure we meet our customers’ needs. I promise no detail, no matter how small, will be overlooked. There are many shops out there like ours, but none can match ours. We guarantee only the highest quality parts and quick lead times. We have remained in operation because of our dedication to our customers and this industry. I would like the opportunity to speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you,

Jared Megleo

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