Assembly / Material Handling Fixtures

Assembly / Material Handling Fixtures

Assembly Fixtures

IMPM has the ability to create assembly fixtures that will improve the efficiency of your assembly line. Our fixtures are designed and engineered to your particular assembly applications.

Our No-Mar assembly fixtures can be made to your hardness requirements based on your applications whether it is screwing, tapping, or sonic welding.


Material Handling Fixtures

IMPM has worked extensively for the plastic container industry in providing material handling fixtures. These fixtures can be created in a variety of ways including machining, cast aluminum, vacuum forming and molded plastic.

Bottle Masks

IMPM knows that high quality parts ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why we have been supplying bottle masks to Quality Assurance Managers for years. These masks are vacuum formed from a supplied bottle to fit snug for testing wall thickness and ensuring conformity throughout a production line.

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