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Cast Urethane

Cast urethane is a method of plastic casting in which a mold cavity is filled with a liquid thermoset resin, and set to cure. Typically, molds are made from silicone rubber and use a 3D printed part, generally SLA, as a master pattern for the mold. Cast urethane is the fastest, low-cost molding process for parts with very low quantities. Where 3D printing will produce feel, fit, and form for your prototype, cast urethane goes beyond to produce function as well. Urethanes come in any number of durometers and almost any secondary finish can be applied. Cast urethane is ideal to test pre-production parts, production parts, functionality, and design verification.

Cast Urethane InsertsCast Urethane

Silicone Tooling at IMPM

IMPM has perfected the techniques to optimize the performance of silicone rubber molds. We have extended mold life, increased part accuracy, and enhanced surface finish. Often times, products are expected to have short product lives due to rapidly changing technology or design needs. Short-run production allows you to create your part for quick time-to-market with a fraction of upfront costs.

  • 100 shots guaranteed from IMPM’s silicone tools
    Cast Urethane

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  • Over 140 materials stocked
  • FDA compliant materials
  • Urethanes produced with any durometer
  • Urethanes cast in color
  • Color match service (via pantone number or provided sample)
  • Texture added to either part or mold
  • No drafting concerns
  • TWR-100 injection system for precise control of mix-ratios, shot sizes, and material flow rates
  • Vacuum holding tanks for air-free material delivery

The possibilities of cast urethane are endless, and it proves to be a perfect low volume solution.? The level of detail in IMPM’s cast urethane parts is unmatched and have earned us our reputation as leaders of the process.? Regardless of whether it’s used for prototyping, production, or bridge tooling, you will find value in our capabilities.

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Cast UrethaneCast Urethane








Cast UrethaneCast Urethane







Clear Cast UrethaneClear Cast Urethane

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